Orphaned mini horse is rescued and grows up thinking she’s a dog

Luna, the mini horse, grew up thinking she was a dog. Sue and her family made sure Luna was taken care of ever since she was born.

According to Sue, Luna thrived beyond expectations. She was a mother to Luna, and her kids were her other family members. When Luna was born, her mother rejected her.

It had become dangerous for Luna. The equine vet said that Luna was an orphan, so they carried her back to their house and never looked back. And Luna immediately became part of their family.

She grew up feeding on a bottle. Every morning Sue would feed Luna and take her out to play with one of their dogs named Cooper. Eventually, Luna and Cooper became best friends.

Sue had many other dogs that Luna spent time with, cuddling on their dog beds. Luna had the strongest bond with Cooper, and they would always play together.

As Luna grew older, she had to be taken to a barn to live with other mini horses. She quickly bonded with them and learned more about being a horse.

Even if she lives at the barn, she hasn’t changed much, and Cooper still comes to visit to play with her. Sue loves Luna so much and couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out.

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Orphaned mini horse is rescued and grows up thinking she’s a dog