Little boy grows up with a Golden Retriever as his nanny

When a baby boy was brought home Harlow, the golden retriever, couldn’t contain her excitement. She wanted to say hi right away, and she gave the baby gentle licks and sniffs.

The baby’s name was Carter, and Harlow immediately slipped into the role of nanny. She was by his side all the time, and they cuddled and played together.

At 8 months old, Carter could sit up, and he started to throw a tennis ball for Harlow. It was incredible to watch a chubby bald baby throw a ball around for their golden retriever.

They went on wagon rides together around the block and also loved to bounce on the trampoline. When Carter was two years old, he became more involved in taking care of Harlow.

He held her leash when they went on walks. He helped bathe her and let Harlow out of the house when she needed to go to the bathroom.

Eventually, the family welcomed another baby into their lives. This time around, they had a baby girl. Carter was three years old and learned how to be gentle and responsible from his time with Harlow.

Their mother says that it warms her heart to see their relationships. After a long or chaotic day coming home and receiving that unconditional love from her family is truly rewarding.

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Little boy grows up with a Golden Retriever as his nanny