Four sisters cuddle in bed with their tiny baby donkey

Baby donkey sleeping with sisters

When Opal the donkey was born, she immediately bonded with Julianna and her family. Julianna has four daughters, and whenever they visited the pasture, Opal didn’t want them to leave.

As a baby, Opal would follow them around up the driveway. Until one day, she followed them into the house. Opal learned to love the indoors and became very comfortable staying with the family.

Julianna took care of Opal’s mother, Martha. Whenever Opal was upset or hungry, she would still run to her mother. When Opal wants to play or relax, she’ll go to the house.

All of the kids love to hang out with Opal. They once slept in a bed together, and Opal wouldn’t move; they had to carry her out of bed.

Opal even loves to rest and cuddle on the couch, and she adores a life of peace and relaxation. One of Julianna’s favorite things to do is stay on the sofa with Opal.

According to Julianna, Opal is fierce, sassy, and intelligent. Opal also gets jealous whenever they get near other donkeys, and she knows what she wants.

Julianna said she would be okay when her kids go to college because she has Opal with her. While she sits in her rocking chair, it will be Opal who is still beside her.

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Four sisters cuddle in bed with their tiny baby donkey