Orphaned lamb acts like a dog around his favorite toddler

Orphaned lamb and toddler

One day Rochelle spotted a lonely lamb in a fence and decided to take him in. The lamb’s mother was nowhere to be seen, it was cold outside, and she guessed he was only a few hours old.

Lambs are temperamental, and she didn’t want to get too attached because she didn’t know if he would make it. Her husband wondered how they would cope because they had a packed house.

They had a cat, two pugs, a parrot, two rabbits, and their young daughter Teddie. It became easier because Teddie absolutely loved the lamb, which they eventually named Bah.

Teddie helped feed him from a bottle and change his nappies. Bah grew up thinking he was a dog. He loved to play with all their pets, and he even had a little dance.

Bah loved to cuddle and stay by the warm fire. Sometimes he would even fall asleep while standing up. Teddie loved to play with him and laugh while running around.

When Bah was older and stronger, Rochelle realized it was time to give him to her parents. They had a big farm Bah could live in where there were other farm animals as well.

They continue to visit Bah, and he gets extremely excited whenever he spots Teddie. He will hop and skip around like an excited dog. It has been a great learning experience for Teddie, who saw what it meant to care for such a vulnerable creature.

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Orphaned lamb acts like a dog around his favorite toddler